Mini Juice Blender

Price RON130.00

Small and portable 300mL juice blender


Small and portable, this 300mL blender is perfect for quickly preparing a healthy drink, a milkshake or baby food.
Can prepare up to 6 cups with a fully charged battery.
Standard charging time is approx. 3 hours. Can be charged with a portable battery or 5V USB car charger.

Ideal for:
- Work
- Gym
- Travel
- Picnic
- Baby food

Operating mode: Insert the contents (cut into cubes), close the lid tightly and turn the blender with the clear half upwards, press the on/off button and gently shake the blender. Press the on/off button again to turn off.

- Power: 45W
- Capacity: 300mL
- 4 blades, 18000rpm
- Battery: 1200mAh, rechargeable via micro-USB (5V), cable included
- Easy to wash and clean


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