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Here at myL2 Connect we want to make your life easier and your home and office space safer!

Our Smart systems split into Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart Office configurations.

A typical Smart Home setup features the following capabilities:

Access and routines

Under your complete control, your home's members interact with and update the smart things in your house, both manually and automatically.

After 30 minutes with no motion in a room, the lights in that room are dimmed to 30%, and after 15 more minutes they are automatically switched off.

At night, the lights turn on at low brightness (40%) and at full brightness during the day.

Presence / absence / night mode

When the last member leaves the house, the system arms according to your own settings. The door locks, the lights switch off, the music stops and after 10 minutes, the automated vacuum runs a full sweep of the house. You're also alerted if you forgot any windows open.

When the first person arrives home, the light will turn on in the hallway and the music starts playing your last playlist or radio station.

At night, when there is no motion for a while, the system enters stay mode (also known as night mode). Motion sensors become inactive in the sleeping areas so as not to turn on the lights unexpectedly, but continue to work in the bathroom and kitchen.

Your own rules

Almost any scenario that you can imagine can be made possible by our Smart Home system.

You can receive an alert when the fridge door was left open, or when somebody opened your private cabinet (the on you keep your safe in).

You can setup Master Switches, remotes that have complete control of the house (a button can turn off the lights in the house except the room where it is installed, another button can play the next song, and yet another can turn off the TV and activate night mode manually). You imagine it, we make it happen!

Security and Privacy

Do you want to install home cameras in your home but do you care about privacy?

We can wire the cameras to be disconnected from power completely when you or a member of your home is present, and reconnect when the last person leaves. This ensures that your privacy is less at risk and you won't be accidentally recorded at home.

The system includes a Smart Home Monitor that watches over your home. In Away mode, any action (window or door opening, motion in any room, etc. will issue an immediate alert). In Night only the entrance door and the opening of windows will issue alerts.

Water and gas sensors alert you as soon as water or gas leaks are detected.

When turning the building that you manage into a Smart Building, more features become available.

You can monitor movement in hallways and technical rooms, be alerted or take immediate actions based on complex scenarios and control access in new and cool ways.

As the building manager, you can also receive some alerts from the smart homes in your building, especially water leak, gas leak and intrusion alerts.

Power monitoring is also possible, so that you can detect and prevent overloads and better balance the power draw inside the building.

You can install and control door locks with even more features than before. Provide access with keys, codes, RFID cards, fingerprint readers, phone apps and more.

Plan your Smart Office around your company's needs!

Want to automatically turn on a light when the meeting room is busy, and off after the meeting ?

Want to turn off all lights automatically after the last employee leaves, and turn on the notify option for your security cameras ?

Want to have the door open notification sent to your phone ?

How about providing modern access control for both employees and customers, with role-based or condition-based rules and full monitoring ?

We'll help you plan and install the best system to fit your needs!

Contact Us and start planning now!