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Hubitat Elevation C-7 Zigbee Z-Wave Hub

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The brain of your smart home - no internet connection required!

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Hubitat Elevation C-7 is being replaced by the new version, Hubitat Elevation C-8 Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave 800 Hub

Hubitat Elevation C-7 is compatible with thousands of sensors and Smart Home devices, becoming the brain of your home.

It connects all smart devices to each other without the need for an active internet connection.

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- The hub connects to the local network and does not require an internet connection, so smart devices will continue to work when the internet is missing, as if nothing had happened;
- When connected to the internet it will send notifications about temperature, humidity, images from surveillance cameras or alerts directly on your phone;
- Automates and controls lights, sensors, thermostats, speakers and offers you the opportunity to create scenarios according to your needs;
- Monitors and receives alerts in case of burglary, water leaks, smoke detection and much more using the Hubitat Safety Monitor application;
- Comes with countless applications built into memory, which will help you configure, monitor and control smart devices at will;
- Applications run locally, fast and your data is also stored locally, securely;

- The hub uses the Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols, thus making it possible to connect with a multitude of smart, small devices, easy to integrate in the design of your home;
- Compatible with a wide range of sensors: Xiaomi, Aeotec, Dome, Fibaro etc.;
- Compatible with a wide range of devices: Philips Hue Bridge, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT etc.;
- It connects to the local network with the help of an Ethernet cable (included in the package);
- It is powered by a 5V microUSB cable (included in the package);
- Dimensions: 75mm (L) x 75mm (L) x 15mm (H).


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