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Shelly EM - Smart Wi-Fi Relay with Power Monitoring with 50A Clamp

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Automate your home or office and monitor energy consumption with the Shelly EM relay!

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Shelly EM is a smart wireless relay that monitors power consumption and manages the activity of home or office devices.
The ideal solution to turn classic devices into smart ones!

- It connects directly to the Wi-Fi network and is controllable through its own mobile application (Shelly) or through other available applications;
- Automates and controls devices such as air conditioning, heating system, washing machine, lights or garage doors, wherever you are, using your phone;
- Monitors energy consumption and displays the history of the last 365 days, providing detailed graphs about active power, reactive power, voltage, etc .;
- Overheating protection: Shelly EM offers you the possibility to set a limit for energy consumption; when it is reached, the relay will stop automatically and send a notification to your phone;
- Overheating protection: when the temperature exceeds the safety limit, the relay will stop due to the internal sensor with which it is provided;
- Dynamic program after the sun: activates scenarios depending on the time of sunrise or sunset.

Specifications for Shelly EM relay:
- Compatible with Hubitat Elevation;
- Compatible with MQTT: integrate Shelly with your MQTT broker;
- Compatible with Samsung SmartThings: via DTH or MQTT SmartApp;
- Compatible with Home Assistant and openHAB: integrate your devices with the rest of the house;
- Power supply: 110 - 220V AC;
- Connectivity: Wireless 2.4GHz 802.11 b / g / n;
- Thermal protection: internal sensor with overheating stop;
- Operating temperature: -40 - +40 degrees.

Specifications for 50A clamp:
- Internal diameter: 11mm;
- Accuracy: 1%;
- Measures the electric current up to 50A.


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