The AAHelper software is developed using Microsoft® C# and is deployed via the ClickOnce web installer.
The application publisher is our partener and host, Marketing Office SRL.
On Windows 8® and above, the Microsoft® SmartScreen© will detect that this is a new app and needs to build a reputation, so it will show you a warning saying the application is not yet trusted. Quick quote: Windows 8® (nr: and Windows 10®) now use SmartScreen to perform an application reputation check the first time users launch applications that were downloaded from the Internet. Read more about it here.
To install it, press the Install button after checking the prerequisites (.NET Framework 4 and Windows installer - usually preinstalled on all modern Windows PCs) then activate the download file.
If you wish to use it, press 'more info' and choose 'Run anyway' when SmartScreen© warns you.
This is just temporary until the application builds a good userbase and reputation.

To update the application to the latest version, simply close it and reopen it, and you will be prompted with details if there is a new version to install.

Direct link to the download page:

IFrame of the download page: