Here is a list of features, with screenshots:
The registration and signup (join guild) can be accomplished in multiple ways:
  • Online - via a sign up form for your guild
  • Offline - via Member Add option by a commander/general
  • In the Guilds> Signup (Join guild) option

* Please note that you can use AAHelper without being part of a guild.
Once registered, will first need to activate the account using the Activation code sent to your e-mail or given to you.
To accomplish this, simply type your Login (In-game name) and leave the password field empty, then press Continue.
At the first login, you can set your password. This is encrypted and should be known only to you.

Main tab
The Main tab lets you setup your Profile, Alerts, Overlay setting and more.

The title bar will show you a quick overview of timers and online members (E: expired times, S: soon to expire timers, ON: number of online members).
In your Profile subtab, set your AAHelper Avatar (choose an included image or upload your own), your Ships and Engines, Classes and Proficiencies.

In your Alerts subtab, choose your alert settings, like email notifications when AA has stopped running (useful for AFK labor generation), and warning sound preferences.

In your Overlay subtab, you can customize the game Overlay feature, that will show basic information from AAHelper on top of the AA window.
Untick Borderless window to move and resize the Overlay window, tick it for a more sleek look.
The Overlay function works only in Borderless Windowed Mode or Windowed Mode; Fullscreen mode will disable the Overlay from running on the same screen, but you can still use it on a secondary monitor.
*Note: The Overlay function and AAHelper does not read from or write data to the Archeage process in any way.
The Attached to AAProcess option simply hides the Overlay window if the AA window or AAHelper is not in focus.

The Settings>Themes button on the top right side lets you choose from a few color themes that affect the entire AAHelper display

Tabs can be reordered to your needs by dragging them around

Members tab
The Members tab lets you see and control information regarding your guild members.

In the Members subtab you can see and search for members, by name or class.
The list of ranks counts the members assigned to each position.
As a commander/general, you can right click a member for more options.

Double click a member to bring up the Member view window, detailing some basic member info and the DKP log.

The Proficiencies subtab will show and enable you to search for proficiencies by name or member name, as well as filter the level you are looking for.

The Signup requests subtab, available to commanders/generals only, will list members who have signed up using the web form.
Here you can see, accept or decline member signups.

Timers tab
The Timers tab helps plan personal and world timers based on presets and game data.

The My timers subtab will show a list of personal timers based on your input.
You can track:
  • Your farms, saplings or pens
  • When you can use the next labor potion
  • Then your taxes need to be paid
  • When your delivered packs payment will come in
  • When your experia farm will be ready
  • When your patron account will expire
  • Any custom timer you need to create
You can easily reset your timers when you need to or extend your tax info when you have paid them, and get notifications when timers are about to expire.
* Timers are stored locally on your computer and are reset if AAHelper is reinstalled.

The World timers subtab will show game timers for main in-game events, and can be controlled by commanders/generals.

Chat tab
The Chat tab will provide a simple, secure, out-of-game chat that can be used by all the guild members.

Events tab
The Events tab will allow commanders and generals to plan guild-wide events.
A few presets are available, and events can be setup to grant DKP to participants.
Members can easily sign up and specify their needs or roles.

DKP Shop
The DKP Shop is uses a semi-formal score keeping system called Dragon Kill Points (short: DKP) that enables exchange of items or item bidding for rare drops.
Members can earn DKP from events, helping the guild or supplying items to the DKP Shop.
DKP can be spent by bidding on rare raid drops or DKP Shop purchases.
Supply<->Purchase ratio is 1:1

Commanders/generals can store items from guildies into dedicated guild storage space in exchange for DKP.

Complete DKP control is avaiable, full logs are saved and visible to commanders, generals and each member.

A ledger is available to show purchase requests, and commanders/generals can satisfy such requests.

Full logging is available to ensure transparent DKP control.